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Raymond Clifton Brands

I vividly remember my grandfather coming home late nights/early morning in a tuxedo. It wasn't until I got older that I realized in addition to his day job at the railroad, he worked as a bartender on the weekends.  I somehow fell in love with the idea of late nights and early morning.   When I decided to release the new candle line, I wanted it to honor our brand name, which is my grandfather's, and I wanted it to honor what used to be a side hustle.  The party girl in me played a small part as well.  I created the cocktail collection with Raymond Clifton my grandfather in mind.  I created my brand with Raymond Clifton in mind.  Everything in his life was always about his girls and his family.   My life mimics his.    

Welcome to my brand.

Welcome to my lifestyle.

Welcome to the party.

Welcome to Raymond Clifton Brands. 


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